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Welcome to the synthetic currency project. This is some what of an economic experiment, somewhat of a social experiment, somewhat of a game, and somewhat of a thought exercise. Perhaps it will just be an artifact of a learning experiment in the future or perhaps something more interesting will evolve.

There are several points to possibly ponder related to synthetic currency.

So, if there is a synthetic currency, who would use it?

Why would they use it?

How would they use it?

How would capital be injected into the synthetic economy?

Perhaps every x amount of days one could deposit x amount of currency into their account.

Would this cause too much inflation?

What are the best ways to manipulate the economy in ways that would benefit it's users?

What creates value in a synthetic economy? Trust?

What should the currency be named?

You can start by creating a subpage and depositing 1000 units into your account. Maybe User:Your username/Account

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