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2015 FIVB Women's U23 Volleyball World Championship is one of several women's volleyball contests with the same title hosted by specific countries around the world leading up to the final 2015 FIVB Women's U23 Volleyball World Championship, see 2015 FIVB Volleyball Women's U23 World Championship, held in Ankara, Turkey, from 12 to 19 August 2015.

This contest series was preceded by the 2014 FIVB Women's U22 Volleyball World Championship, the 2013 FIVB Women's U21 Volleyball World Championship, the 2012 FIVB Women's U20 Volleyball World Championship, and the 2011 FIVB Women's Junior Volleyball World Championship. Generally, each contest series was participated in by the same teams and team members.

Host: Germany

United States USA
Russia ../European U23 Women's Volleyball
South Africa

Pool Competition[edit]

Pool A Pool B Pool C Pool D