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  • five basketball players wearing shoes that provide a static coefficient of friction of 0.61 . The net mass of the (shoed) basketball team is 380 kg. What
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  • shoe repeatedly, violently on the floor] goddam you to fucking hell goddammit BILLY What is it, Raul? RAUL [close to tears] This goddam fucking shoe won't
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  • may amend your lusts. Sapience. Your Spaniard? I scorn the heels of his shoes. Amaryll. He bears a blade. Sapience. I scorn both blade and whiskers. Amaryll
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  • How was I caught? Will it be forests dark, A clump of briars, hurried tossing off Of clothes, to kiss when our beloved thinks tha t We are asleep or
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  • clothing. In time, people learned to use skins and other materials to make shoes, hats, and carrying sacks. In addition to clothing, people learned to build
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  • meant time away from Lois, some of it, at least. So one day she threw a shoe at him, yelling "You and your damn meetings!" And then she realized that
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  • feet of the sitters and all had felt slippers on, except one who had light shoes, and none could have produced these sounds with their feet. Then came some
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  • neither shall the girdle of their loins be loosed nor the latchet of their shoes be broken their horses hoofs shall be counted like flint and their wheels
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  • with severe cognitive impairments, for whom learning means tying their shoes or using the bathroom? f. Procedural due process. This stars with formulation
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