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  • DEM differencing method." "An implementation of the semi-global block matching algorithm (Hirschmuller, 2008) is utilized from the open source software
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  • Radiation astronomy/Detectors (category Technology)
    metallic object can be detected." "Modern top models are fully computerized, using integrated circuit technology to allow the user to set sensitivity, discrimination
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  • Different dating methods makes comparison and interpretation difficult. Matching peaks by visual examination of Moulton and Vostok ice cores suggests a
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  • that are typed into the search bar and display a large list of webpages matching the keywords. When communicating online, it is important to remember you
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  • history project serves as an excellent model and case study. It demonstrates how the integration of evolving technology combined with proven oral history methodologies
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  • as age, size, sector and technology, may influence the HRM activities, outcomes and performance in the model. The other model suggested by Kossek and Lobel
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  • the one on top? Did you find that your eyes scanned straight to the matching butterfly? Or did you meticulously check each one before making your decision
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  • model and its associated brain regions, challenge yourself to a matching task! Print off the below exercise and see if you can match the Weaver model
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  • Duplicate record detection (category Information technology)
    not share a common key and/or they contain errors that make duplicate matching a difficult task. Errors are introduced as the result of transcription
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  • questions like, “is Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada?” Reading Tasks: matching a word or sentence to a picture With this method it is important not to
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  • to-do list (Murphy, et al., 2014) or even a repetitive cycle of pattern matching (Stafford, 2012). Whatever the technique chosen the game designers are
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  • spinning point. As the space-time expanding from that point will have nearly matching spin and energy as the main core, there arises a thin shell of hardened
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  • formal way during job interviews. Women would wear a blazer and a top matching their trousers or their skirt that is long enough to allow them to sit
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  • smokers, the bottom line is that we will have a healthier country (and matching economic and social benefits) if smoking is seem as something to tail off
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  • preserves the life of one person, it is as though he saves a multitude of men. But he who destroys the life of one person, it is as though he destroys
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  • System administration (category Information technology)
    effectively. System administration is typically done by information technology experts for or within an organization. Their job is to ensure that all
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