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  • Geomorphology (section Dunes)
    of sand piled up by the wind" is called a dune. Def. "dunes with a sand supply derived primarily from the beach" are called primary dunes. Def. dunes "in
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  • shows sand heaped up in numerous star dunes, each of them with long arms extending in several directions. Unlike crescent-shaped barchan dunes, which
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  • larger dunes. These smaller ripples are also formed and shaped by blowing wind in the thin atmosphere of Mars." "One puzzling question is why the dunes are
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  • since its origin" is called geology. Def. a "layer of loose rock, dust, sand, and soil, resting on the bedrock" is called a regolith. Def. any "considerable
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  • causes sand dunes to build up in long parallel lines aligned west-to-east. The dunes break up around mountains, where the wind direction shifts. The sand on
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  • types away from meteorite impact craters. Def. a "rock formed from dune sand, often calcareous" is called an aeolianite. Def. any "of a class of
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  • "Sedimentology encompasses the study of modern sediments such as sand, mud (silt), and clay, and the processes that result in their deposition
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  • and rain—creates surface features similar to those of Earth, such as sand dunes, rivers, lakes and seas (probably of liquid methane and ethane), and deltas
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  • referred to as ergs, the Arabic term meaning "dune fields" or "sea of dunes"; they possess larger sand dunes than other geographical regions and virtually
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  • mountains. The UAE also has a flat, barren coastal plain that merges into sand dunes of desert wasteland. Its natural resources are petroleum and natural gas
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  • House, Hedda Gabler, The Wild Duck John Ruskin: **Sesame and Lilies George Sand: the Intimate Journal Major 20th Century writers -- Prose and Drama Tadeusz
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  • to her parents. Helga and Nils took walks on the beach, made love in the dunes and partied in Helga's little room. Life consisted only of going for walks
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  • the beaches are very nice. There´s Carlos Gesell ´s house, It´s built on dunes and It´s now a historical museum. This is an old Neighborhood. It dates
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