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  • SOLUTIONS 1. "If you would know the value of money, go and try to borrow some" -Benjamin Franklin 2. Casey Jones by the Grateful Dead
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  • help you on your way. Celebrate the great gift. What are you grateful for today? "I am grateful for..." 95. Shiva is the supreme God in Yoga. We can
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  • way. Celebrate the great gift that you got. What are you grateful for today? "I'm grateful for ..." The Goddess of Happiness Ananda means happiness.
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  • Laurencia. A woeful woman dressed in withered leaves! Violante. How much more grateful are these craggy hills And these wild trees than things of nobler wills
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  • souls rise from the ship. Katie stays faithfully by Epps and gives her a grateful smile as her spirit ascends toward heaven. At its core, the story is deeply
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  • may lie. Your favor is the envy of the court And secret triumph of his grateful heart. Cardenio, how securely you most depend On vows and honorings of
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  • Tomorrow, if you wish, Here, in a meeting fortunate for both! Decio. Decided gratefully before you spoke! Exit Clara and enter Agostino Agostino. Decio! Decio
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  • leave in blog references when it supports their point of view. I am so grateful that I don't have to work with that crew. If they come here, they are welcome
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  • available rather than to look for something else. This reflection brings gratefulness for the inheritance enjoyed from the past. (but not holding on to the
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  • turned out alive, and I really could have kissed him! I was incredibly grateful. The world was full of joy, the sunrise was joyful, the light in the room
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