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  • apocrypha of the Old Testament... as well as a brief mention in the both the Koran (see the French-to-Greek translation) and the Book of Mormon (Northwestern
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  • Restorational Studies — includes topics like Alexander Campbell and the Book of Mormon This department is here to develop Christian theology learning resources
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  • and Calvinism and the 1646 London Baptist Confession Center for Restorational Studies — includes topics like Alexander Campbell and the Book of Mormon
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  • Mormonism and Judaism .in the Book of Mormon the inhabitants of what are now the Americas are referred to as descendants of Jews although the dominant group
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  • the fruitful of the book and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of poor among men shall rejoice in the holy one of israel to nought
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  • GR occurs in the Book of Mormon as well as the Christian Bible, which Mormons also accept. A Web search revealed that many Mormons are strongly committed
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  • Introduction to US History (category History of the United States)
    (1863-1865) Google Map of the Oregon, California and Mormon Trails Google Map of the Sante Fe Trail and El Camino Real Trade Route Google Map of the Amistad Slave
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  • Science and the nonphysical (category Philosophy of science)
    had similar experiences, which led them to think you are wrong). Are you Mormon? Creationism should be classified as pseudo-science because, as all pseudo-sciences
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  • and taboo practice. However, due to more recent religious groups such as Mormons, who occasionally practice in plural marriage, polygamy may slowly become
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  • LATTER DAY SAINTS (MORMONS): Like some other Restorationist sects of Christianity, the Latter Day Saints do not believe in any kind of literal presence
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  • offered by several manufacturers. The benefits of irrigation were discovered in the 1840s, when Mormons in Utah softened their crusty soils by damming
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  • right on the table. Mormons are more like Fight Club. Bill Maher, referring to the rules of Fight Club in Fight Club: "The first rule of Fight Club is: You
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  • schools discriminate in employment? Mormon school could fire janitor who didn’t go to church – is this level of discretion permitted in schools receiving
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