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  • right is a graph of the production of psions at Fermilab. Omega meson production: The phi meson (1020) has a mass of 1019.445 MeV. It decays per
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  • τ Ταυ Tau [t] Υ υ Ύψιλον Upsilon [i] Φ φ Φι Phi [f] Χ χ Χι Chi [ch] Ψ ψ Ψι Psi [ps] Ω ω Ωμέγα Omega [o]
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  • Panhellenic Council. Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Lambda
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  • 'i' as in 'pit' Φ φ Phi 'f' as in 'fit' Χ χ Chi 'ch' as in 'loch' or 'h' as in 'human' Ψ ψ Psi 'ps' as in 'lapse' Ω ω Omega 'o' as in 'ode' or 'o'
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  • Greek and other languages. The name alphabet itself comes from the words Alpha and Beta. It's a lot to take in at one go so don't feel bad if you fail
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  • lambda l Μ μ mu m Ν ν nu n Ξ ξ xi x Ο ο omicron o Π π pi p Ρ ρ rho r Σ σ or ς sigma s Τ τ tau t Υ υ upsilon u Φ φ phi ph Χ χ chi ch Ψ ψ psi ps Ω ω omega ō
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