Social and Political Philosophy

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What are the state's obligations to its citizens? In a democracy, power to control others' behaviour is conferred to the government by the people, but where do the people get their authority to control others? If causing harm is wrong, then why are we justified in causing harm to criminals? Surely our lust for vengance cannot provide it, as that would then be unjust. Which, in turn says little for a justice system.

We talk about right and wrong as if they are objective facts about the world. When I say 'Jimmy did something wrong,' it sounds like 'Jimmy killed the cat.' The problem is, we can learn the truth value of whether or not Jimmy really did kill the cat. We can't for whether or not that was actually wrong. Where are we supposed to look? Nothing in the natural world supports the view that when Jimmy killed the cat, he actually did something wrong. Why then do we believe that Jimmy did do wrong?

These questions and othered will be discussed in the courses that will be added in the future. Abc123.