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Up to now, there was no content development project addressing the immensely important issue of the conservation of the ecological life support system of this planet. At issue are, for example, biological diversity, ecosystem services or natural and cultural landscapes. While several projects deal with the more physical environment, the topic of the conservation of natural places and thier biological diversity is missing to date.

Due to its unique history, the School of Conservation Sciences is, at present, nearly exclusively a research school: The immediate need for issuing a note on the reception of this school is the establishment of its first department, CIVICS: The Caucasian Virtual Institute of Conservation Science and Education. In turn, CIVICS hosts a research project.

This school may also be a good starting point for a collaboration on a German language project on the set of reasons why people like traditional cultural landscpes. Preliminarily, we call this project Fascinosum Kulturlandschaft. The second incarnation of this project is called Fascinating Apple Orchards.

School news[edit]

  • August 22, 2011 - School founded!