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Leadership in the School of Computer Science[edit]

Based on Wikiversity leadership, this page is written by leaders for the School of Computer Science at Wikiversity. School leader is a person who can improve the content of this page in order to better express a vision for all to follow.

Builders from other schools can browse around here and see 
how we build our School of Computer Science at Wikiversity.

Better Campus for the School of Computer Science[edit]

We are to build a better campus for this school. Let's start with the school entrance. When entering the school, students should see the Main Entrance rather than the Construction Entrance. Most of the detail information should be moved away from the entrance. Why should Computer Science students not use best practices in web design when building pages for their school here at Wikiversity? The school entrance is not where you advertise, explain or list anything. It should be a place where all can quickly accomplish one and only one simple action: pass through! Otherwise, we're looking more like a store of information such as Wikipedia and less like a functioning university as implied by the name of Wikiversity.

School Portal[edit]

The portal, Portal:Computer Science, should be used as by the school, School:Computer Science, as a tool to promote the school and not as an interface to a body of knowledge. Knowledge about Computer Science should be stored in the school library and not at the school portal.