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Filmmaking Software Review for Narrative Film Production
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Adobe InDesign 4 (CS2) - Macintosh version

This program replaces Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Freehand. Surprisingly smooth and powerful operation.
Review by Robert Elliott
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Adobe InDesign 4

With the slow death of Adobe PageMaker, I was curious about its replacement, InDesign. Filmmakers still need to do a lot of page layout so this is a very serious question that all filmmakers will face.
I took a week to download this program and am now testing the fully working demo version. More later.
Uses at Wikiversity Film School
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  • Thumbnail Storyboarding Worksheets
  • Movie Posters
  • Forms of all kinds
  • Business cards which say "Filmmaker"
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  • Five Stars
For filmmakers who want to need to run an office, this is a very smooth tool.
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I highly recommend this program. Robert Elliott 6 March 2007 (UTC)