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Date: Oct 22, 2020 Time: 3 PM (Danish Time) Platform: Zoom Participants Suyasha Koirala Aayushi Thapa Olaf Jensen


  1. to find out the validity of master tesis in Nepal according to new laws:
  2. Analysis of orginal data is needed?
  3. Systematic literature review is not sufficient
  4. Next meeting Thur 29 Oct at 3pm Danish (wintertime?)

Date: Sept 30, 2020 Time: 3 PM (Danish Time) Platform: Zoom Participants Dinesh Neupane Suyasha Koirala Aayushi Thap Agenda: To inform Dinesh about the future plan on CAR Nepal project

  1. After informing that both of them will help in literature review but will not make a project a thesis Dinesh respected the decision and asked for the future plan.
  2. Upon hearing the topic he suggested following things;
  3. He has also done the research on pesticide and is available in the SDU library if it is not accessible then he will forward.
  4. He suggested using households selected for the community based management of non communicable disease study in Nepal (COBIN) if the topic is related to NCD.

He has worked a while in this topic and is happy to help in any ways possible.

9 sep 8am Suyasha and Aayusi decided to quit waste household and go to pesticides better relate to health, support, they find out to get data and review - they orientate Erik and Dines

Minutes meeting 2 sep 2020

Minutes meeting 19 Aug 2020

Date: 12th August 2020 Time: 3 PM Platform: Zoom Participants

  • 1. Aayushi Thapa
  • 2. Suyasha Koirala
  • 3. Olaf Chresten Jensen

Updates Searched Keywords

  • - Solid waste = 11,581
  • - Solid Waste Management = 3,711
  • - Municipal and Solid Waste = 1,689
  • - Household waste and Health risk = 22

Most of the research is done either in medical waste or in garbage pickers. Summary

  • - Systematic critical review of epidemiological studies on PH concerns of Municipal solid waste handling. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/1757913916639077
  • Time reviewed: 1995 - 2014
  • Conclusion: Review studies revealed no causal and non-causal relationship between specific waste management and adverse endpoints.
  • - Assessment of plastic waste generation and its potential recycling of Household Solid Waste in Vietnam. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/20490914/
  • A 1-month survey of 130 households was carried out in southern Vietnam.
  • Conclusion: The compostable and recyclable accounted for 80.74% and 11%. The plastic shopping bags accounted for 45.72% of total plastic waste. No strategies have been developed for recycling and disposal of plastic waste at local level and central level.
  • Agenda
  • 1. Ideas on research questions
  • a. Handling of solid waste in Nepal
  • b. General situation of solid waste in Nepal
  • c. Improper solid waste management and the risk of contamination with animals (rats)
  • d. People living near the contamination site (health prob of ultra poor people)
  • Next Meeting
  • - Search more on topics that were discussed today
  • Time: 3 PM (Danish Time)
  • Date: 19th August, 2020

Meeting Aug 5 8 am Suyasha & Aayushi invite Zoom

Zoom meeting 29 July at 3pm


Zoom meeting 21 July 2020

  • Participants: Suyasha Koirala, Aayushi Thapa, Olaf
  • Contact information shared
  • Plan for next days:
  • Create login for Wikiversity
  • Clarifiy the names CISU application (Kurt Rasmussen is probably member not any longer)
  • Discuss the plan: pesticide and CAR-Nepal (both or only one)
  • Talk with Sabine and Janni (pls correct names) about place internship
  • Zoom invitation from SK and AT
  • Next Zoom meeting 29 July at 3pm Danish time


The first Meeting minutes 02072020 pdf