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This is a pre-Columbian image of an astronomical entity. Credit: Giggette.

Radiation entities is a lecture about entities associated with or part of radiation and radiation astronomy. It is a part of the department of radiation astronomy course on the principles of radiation astronomy.

You are free to take this quiz based on radiation entities at any time.

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Quiz[edit | edit source]


1 Before the current era and perhaps before 6,000 b2k which classical planet may have been green?

2 Yes or No, After the Amarna period, Amun was painted with blue skin, symbolizing his association with air and primeval creation.


3 A radiation astronomy entity is likely to be which of the following?

Mount Redoubt in Alaska
a dome
visual radiation
neutral particles

4 As a topic in astronomy, cosmogony deals with the origin of each astronomical

5 Chemistry phenomena associated with entities in astronomy are

an independent, separate, or self-contained existence
the eyeball which is set in an eyelid of bronze, is made of opaque white quartz
iron meteorite
clouds of neutral hydrogen
Hill spheres

6 Complete the text:

Modern computing

has enabled new methods of creating astro

, and the

has enabled new methods of sharing it.

7 Complete the text:

Match up the astronomical entity with each of the possibilities below:
Agrippa - A
Hill sphere - B
a horoscope - C
Centaurus A - D
Rahu - E
dominant group - F
a relativistic jet

a body dominates the attraction of satellites

astronomical entities of importance

lunar nodes

God of the Ascending / North lunar node

the occultation of a part of the Pleiades


8 Complete the text:

Match up the astronomical entity with the image:
Osiris - A
Rahu - B
Amun - C
Vishnu - D
Huitzilopochtli - E
Bhagwan Ayodhyapati Siyavara Shri Ramachandra - F
Munneswaram Vishnu.jpg


Lord Rama with arrows.jpg

Amun post Amarna.svg

Huitzilopochtli V.png

Rahu graha.JPG


9 Which of the following is not an astronomical entity?


10 True or False, The Moon crosses the sky occasionally sometimes in the daylight other times at night.


Hypotheses[edit | edit source]

  1. Many of the entities of astronomy are the people who study astronomical objects.

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