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It is used to construct quizzes in as subspaces of QB. My intent is that if only quizzes are situated in QB/, then we can use "list subpages" to automatically categorize the quizzes. Proposed rules:
  1. No quiz is allowed to occupy more than one page in QB space (with it's talkpage)
  2. Only quizzes are allowed under the QB space
  3. If more than one person begins to write in QB space, we need to organize that in a way that might not seem like typical Wikiversity culture. I propose, tentatively, that each user be given a subspace number, e.g., QC, QB2, etc.

A number of conversations with OpenStax College people have convinced me, first, that creating banks of exam questions for these open-source textbooks will be problematical, and second, that OpenStax will not be interested in Quizbank until it is reformed in several ways. I plan to implement these reforms using Python 3 instead of the current MatLab code. And, all quizzes will be subpages of QB, which is a node reserved exclusively for quizzes and their talk pages. By keeping this resource and all its subpages clean, we have a simple way of doing inventory and maintenence. I propose that QB contain only quizzes and discussions of those quizzes that involve editorial issues. Hints and study materials for students should be links out of QB space.[1]


How a wikiquiz will appear on a wiki[edit]

Magic words begin with *_ are magic words. The * creates text easy to read on the header, and the underscore avoids confusion with non-magic text. When copying from the wiki to the offsite quizbank, click edit on *_Quizbank and copy/paste. Be sure to manually upgrade the permalink first.

*_tit Title of quiz
*_mir https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Special:Permalink/1683885 PASTE 
*_url https://en.wikiversity.org/wiki/Special:Permalink/{{REVISIONID}} COPY
*_att  text for atribution  (CC-BY-SA)
*_ins Quizbank/Instructions_0
*_see [[User:<nobody>]]

Explanations of above:

  • _tit is the title, a wiki pagename, e.g. QB/Energy conservation (later, *_mir ("mirror") identifies the page by permalink and wiki.
  • _con Identifies this as a conceptual quiz (we also have numerical quizzes labeled *_num)
  • _mir Permalink: actual numbers that were manually copied from the next line and pasted here. The offsite bank needs this permalink because that is where study guides are printed, and students use permalinks to study.
  • _url The bank doesn't use this, but the person looking at the quiz to upgrade will find this handy because the previous line must be entered by hand before downloading to the offsite bank
  • _att is for attribution if the quiz was moved here from another wiki. Single author quizzes could simply credit themselves by username.
  • _in# is a transclusion to an introduction. For the current contents visit Quizbank/Instructions_0. Placing the instructions in a remote location shortens what must be stored on the offsite bank, and also allows us to uniformly upgrade this critical text. I expect one introduction to be used for many quizzes, but the number at the end allows us flexibility here.
  • _see refers to the person in charge of this quiz. In contrast to most Wikiversity documents, quizzes need to be under the control of the instructor who uses them. The default is <nobody>, but generally it would be the person in charge of this course in an actual academic setting.


The quiz questions go here. On the numerical quizzes, there will be two parts. The first part contains each question in readable wikitext. The second part is hidden and contains all questions.


This is for quizbank categories, and for anything else that might come up (e.g. attribution if the quiz came from elsewhere). There is no structure here.


All code (except Python) needs an end statement! Also Bots and such might add categoreis down here. Any stuff down here does not get stored on the offsite bank


  1. For example, this Quizbank/QB space might be used for such purposes.