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  • The first column shows the number of questions in the quiz. A permalink to a copy of the quiz is provided in the second column.

This list is slightly out of date. As of 11/7/15 Quizbank contained 84 quizzes and 766 questions. If one professor could do this in 3 years while teaching 3 classes per semester, plus summer school, 10 professors could easily write 10,000 questions in 5 years. Software that renders these quizzes into wikitext has been written, but needs major revisions before it becomes user friendly.

# Quiz First question
9 AstroApparentRetroMotion ____ motion is in the usual direction, and _______ is motion that has temp
7 AstroAtmosphericLoss It is important to distinguish between molecules (collectively) in a gas an
32 AstroChasingPluto The trip by New Horizons from Earth to Pluto took almost a
7 AstroGalileanMoons How does the density of a Galilean moon depend on its distance from Jupiter
12 AstroJupiter File:Jupiter by Cassini-Huygens.jpgThe black spot in this image of Jupiter is
17 AstroKepler Kepler began his career as a teacher of
10 AstroLunarphasesAdvancedB At noon a waning gibbous moon would be}
16 AstroLunarphasesSimple At midnight a new moon would be
9 AstroMars direction=vertical|width=200|image1=Karte Mars Schiaparel
7 AstroMercury thumb|horizontal crack|400px The h
7 AstroMirandaTitan The 1982 Voyager flyby of Miranda (a moon of Uranus) established that _____
3 AstroPlanetaryScience thumb|240px|incomplete rimThe incomplete ri
5 AstroPluto and planetary mass Which of the following is NOT used to measure the mass of a planet
12 AstroPtolCopTycho The Ptolemaic system was geocentric.
21 AstroSizeWhitdwrfNeutstarQSO At the center of the Crab nebula is
14 AstroStarCluster A grouping with 100 thousand stars would probably be a
12 AstroStellarMeasurements Stellar parallax is
13 AstroVenus When imaged in visible light Venus appears like ______ rather than ______.
11 AstroWikipSidereNunc The Wikipedia article Sidereus Nuncius suggests that the inventor of t
15 AstroWikipSolSys1 Very far from the sun, the heliosphere
9 AstroWikipSolSys2 In astrophysics, what is accretion?
17 AstroWikipStar Why is a star made of plasma?
17 AstroWikipediaAstronomy When did astronomy split between theoretical and observational branches?
10 AstroWikipediaAstronomy2 220px|rightWhat is this?
4 a02_1Dkinem_definitions A car traveling at 75.4 miles/hour stops in 1.9 seconds. What is the avera
4 a02_1Dkinem_equations A car is accelerating uniformly at an acceleration of 3.3m/s/s. At x = 5.
4 a03_2Dkinem_2dmotion A ball is kicked horizontally from a height of 3 m, at a speed of 10m/s.
4 a03_2Dkinem_smithtrain The Smith family is having fun on a high speed train travelling at 47.6 m/s
4 a04DynForce Newton_forces A mass with weight (mg) of 42 newtons is suspended symmetrically from two s
4 a04DynForce Newton_sled A sled of mass 5.9 kg is at rest on a rough surface. A string pulls with a
5 a04DynForce Newton_tensions 220px|rightIn the figure shown, θ1
5 a05frictDragElast_3rdLaw right|340px In the figure
5 a06uniformCircMotGravitation_friction A merry-go-round has an angular frequency, \omega, equal to 0.
14 a06uniformCircMotGravitation_proof right|180px Is dv/d\ell=v/r val
3 a07energy_cart1 If the initial velocity after leaving the spring is 5.90 m/s, how high doe
3 a07energy_cart2 The spring constant is 752N/m, and the initial compression is 0.18m. What
3 a08linearMomentumCollisions On object of mass 2.3 kg that is moving at a velocity of 16m/s collides wit
5 a09staticsTorques_torque right|110pxA massless bar of length, S
4 a10rotationalMotionAngMom_dynamics A car with a tire radius of 0.31 m accelerates from 0 to 39 m/s in 9.3 seco
4 a11fluidStatics_buoyantForce A cylinder with a radius of 0.28 m and a length of 2.9 m is held so that th
4 a12fluidDynamics_pipeDiameter A 6.4 cm diameter pipe can fill a 1.6 m^3 volume in 4.0 minutes. Before exi
3 a13TemperatureKineticTheoGasLaw_rmsTransfer What is the root-mean-square of 36, 6, and -23?
4 a14HeatTransfer_specifHeatConduct The specific heat of water and aluminum are 4186 and 900, respectively, whe
4 a15Thermodynamics_heatEngine right|180px A 1241 heat cycl
4 a16OscillationsWaves_amplitudes A 0.062 kg mass is on a spring that causes the frequency of oscillation to
3 a17PhysHearing_echoString The temperature is -2.7 degrees Celsius, and you are standing 0.58 km from
4 a18ElectricChargeField_findE What is the magnitude of the electric field at the origin if a 1.9 nC charg
5 a19ElectricPotentialField_Capacitance A parallel plate capacitor has both plates with an area of 1.15 m2
4 a19ElectricPotentialField_KE_PE How fast is a 2648 eV electron moving?
4 a20ElectricCurrentResistivityOhm_PowerDriftVel A 5.1 volt battery moves 43 Coulombs of charge in 1.5 hours. What is the p
4 a21CircuitsBioInstDC_RCdecaySimple A 819 mF capacitor is connected in series to a 798 kΩ resistor. If t
21 a21CircuitsBioInstDC_circAnalQuiz1 3 amps flow through a 1 Ohm resistor. What is the voltage?}
5 a21CircuitsBioInstDC_circuits An ideal 8.9 V voltage source is connected to two resistors in parallel.
4 a22Magnetism_forces A cosmic ray alpha particle encounters Earth's magnetic field at right angl
2 a23InductionACcircuits_Q1 Two orbiting satellites are orbiting at a speed of 77 km/s perpendicul
8 a25GeometricOptics_image 260px|right Shown is a corrective lens by a person who
4 a25GeometricOptics_thinLenses An object is placed 8.6 cm to the left of a diverging lens with a focal len
4 a25GeometricOptics_vision Which lens has the shorter focal length?
4 b20ElectricCurrentResistivityOhm_PowerDriftVel A 4 volt battery moves 19 Coulombs of charge in 1.3 hours. What is the pow
18 b_ComputerWikipedia The first English-language usage of the word "computer" referred to
10 b_QuantumTimeline Excepting cases where where quantum jumps in energy are induced in another
8 b_WhyIsSkyDarkAtNight Approximately how often does a supernovae occur in a typical galaxy?
22 b_antikythera A mechanical analog computer uses pulleys, lev
6 b_busyBeaver If the machine is at A: 000000, what's next?[[:File:2-state 2-symbol
10 b_ecliptic_quiz1 The ecliptic is the set of all points on the celestia
12 b_globalWarming_1 The lede's graph of the "[[:File:Global_Temperature_Anomaly.svg|Global Lan
14 b_globalWarming_2 The Earth's average surface temperature rose by approximately _______ per d
23 b_globalWarming_3 The "Greenhouse effect schematic" in the
13 b_globalWarming_4 Changes in ice-albedo refers to changes in
21 b_industrialRevolution The Industrial Revolution began shortly before
12 b_motionSimpleArithmetic Mr. Smith starts from rest and accelerates to 4 m/s in 3 seconds. How far
23 b_nuclearPower_1 What fraction of the world's electricity was produced by nuclear power in 2
21 b_nuclearPower_2 In a PWR reactor, the water is kept under high pressure
3 b_photoelectricEffect If the electron behaved as a classical (non-quantum) particle and NOT
11 b_saros_quiz1 Saros (or Sar) was the Babylonian word for the Saros cycle.
19 b_velocityAcceleration When a table cloth is quickly pulled out from under dishes, they hardly mov
16 b_waves_PC 120pxThese two pulses will collide and p
4 c07energy_lineIntegral Integrate the line integral of, \vec F = 6.1xy\hat x + 5.9y^3\hat y
6 c16OscillationsWaves_calculus If a particle's position is given by x(t) = 7sin(3t-π/6), what is th
13 c18ElectricChargeField_lineCharges A line of charge density λ situated on the y axis extends from y = -
6 c19ElectricPotentialField_GaussLaw A cylinder of radius, R, and height H has a uniform charge density of
3 c19ElectricPotentialField_SurfaceIntegral A cylinder of radius, r=2, and height, h=6, is centered at the origin and o
6 c22Magnetism_ampereLaw Amphere's law for magnetostatic currents is that
4 c22Magnetism_ampereLawSymmetry H is defined by, B=μ0H, where B is magnetic field. A current