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QB:Ch 14:V1[edit]


LR circuit with switches.svg
Suppose switch S1 is suddenly closed at time t=0 in the figure shown. What is the current at t =0.741 s if ε = 7.36 V , R = 5.33 Ω, and L = 1.27 H?
a) 7.635E-01 V
b) 9.162E-01 V
c) 1.099E+00 V
d) 1.319E+00 V
e) 1.583E+00 V

2) An induced emf of 6.78V is measured across a coil of 58 closely wound turns while the current throuth it increases uniformly from 0.0 to 3.98A in 0.726s. What is the self-inductance of the coil?

a) 1.022E+00 H
b) 1.124E+00 H
c) 1.237E+00 H
d) 1.360E+00 H
e) 1.496E+00 H

3) A washer has an inner diameter of 2.75 cm and an outer diamter of 4.62 cm. The thickness is where is measured in cm, , and . What is the volume of the washer?

a) 6.960E-01 cm3
b) 7.656E-01 cm3
c) 8.421E-01 cm3
d) 9.264E-01 cm3
e) 1.019E+00 cm3