Quantum Mechanics Beyond Textbooks

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This page (project?) is used to present information related to QM which usually is not reflected in the textbooks but may be interesting for those perplexed by Quantum Theory, including students. That includes mostly topics related to so called "interpretations" of QM, foundations of QM, some newly discovered stuff and, finally, controversial views of scientists on which there is no consensus of scientific community, though there exists some noticeable publicity and recognition.


Though some dissident attitude is possible here, this must have some reasonable limits in a way that no "alternative science" or "alternative theories" may be presented here, no work which was not published in a scientific peer-reviewed magazine should be promoted (what about some books and arxiv.org, though?), and among the great amount of works, views and opinions, those which got significant recognition and support at least from a number of scientists deserve our attention, rather than views of individuals.

This project is marked as "Research" though its current research potential is very questionable. The primary goal is to gather research work and views of other people (scientists) as well as to create a catalog of well established and interesting topics which did not find their way to the student's textbooks.


By Topic[edit]


  • "Quantum Paradoxes: Quantum Theory for the Perplexed" by Yakir Aharonov, Daniel Rohrlich [amazon]