Prehistoric Archaeology

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British Prehistory

Time Line 500,000 BP - 43AD

A neolithic dolmen

Prehistoric Archaeology

500,000 BP to 130,000 BP (before present) Lower Paleolithic, first humans in what was to become Britain Sites include Boxgrove, West Sussex. Tools Hand Axe.

130,000 BP to 40,000 BP Middle Palaeoloithic Mousterian Culture.

40,000 BP to 13,000 BP Early Upper Palaeolithic Burial of the 'Red Lady' of Paviland Cave.

13,000 BP to 10,000 BP Late upper Palaeolithic Ice Age Ends

10,000 BP to 5000 BC Mesolithic 'Cheddar Man' Britain separates from mainland Europe.

5000 BC to 3,500 BC Early Neolithic Sweet Track and First Farmers

3,500 BC to 3000 BC Middle Neolithic Causwayed Enclousures, Long Barrows

3000 BC to 2,500 BC Late Neolithic Stonehenge, Avebury, Orcadian and Boyne Passage Tombs.

2,500 BC to 2,100 BC Metal Using Neolithic

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