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Yogi Prahlad Jani

In the International Media, The Case of an Indian yogi was discussed, who has lived more than 70 years without food or water.

May 2010[edit]

In a hospital in Ahmedabad in the western Indian state of Gujarat had taken care of in the past two weeks about 30 doctors to a Hindu, who said that he more than 70 years neither ate nor drank. A team of doctors has examined the Indian Yogi Prahlad Jani. They found no answer to the question: How does the yogi survive without eating nor drinking for years?

70 years without eating? ‘Starving yogi’ says it’s true. Prahlad Jani, an 83-year-old Indian yogi, is making headlines by claims that for the past 70 years he has had nothing to eat and not one drop of liquid to drink. To test his claims, Indian military doctors put him under round-the-clock observation during a two-week hospital stay that ended last week, news reports say. During that time he didn’t ingest any food or water – and remained perfectly healthy, the researchers said.

The extremely ascetic living, Yogi Prahlad Jani has put his Indian doctors in perplexity. “We still do not know how he survived,” the neurologist Sudhir Shah said after the end of the two-week round-the-clock monitoring of the 83-year-olds. They tested him on the heart and kidneys, examined his brain functions and performed a DNA analysis and hormone tests. He only came in contact with liquid when he was gargling and bathing.

The 83-year-old yogi gains according to his own information his energy solely from meditation and yoga exercises. The yogi himself says that the goddess “Amba” showed him a hole in his mouth, through which he received holy energy. This opening was already confirmed in 2003 by doctors.

Statement Yogi Nils[edit]

Of course, many people doubt the truth. The pure facts speak clearly for it, however. The Yogi was examined two weeks of 30 doctors in an Indian hospital. He was observed night and day. The doctors confirmed the miracle. As a scientifically minded person for me it is clear from the facts. At the moment the facts speak for the Yogi. There are also many such cases, but they are investigated not so consistent. And there is the case of the Swiss holy Yogi St. Nicholas of Flüe, who had lived without food. It was at that time in the Middle Ages also doubted strongly. Then an official commission was formed, which was watching him for four weeks continuously. She came to the same results as the above Indian doctors Commission. I think we can trust both the Swiss and the Indian military doctors. And thirdly, there is the Karmapa, who confirmed in 1981 at the hospital in Chicago the existence of a higher dimension of consciousness, from which he could exceed the physical laws.

For me indicates the case of the Indian yogis out that the teachings of light body are true. Thereafter, an advanced yogi can dematerialize at his death his body. The Indian Yogi said, that he materializes energy from the higher dimension unto food and dematerialisiert his urine. When a person can dematerialize his urine, it is in principle possible to do the same with the whole body. I salute the spiritual abilities of the Indian yogi. I am very grateful to him that he has given our extremely materialistic thinking world such a clear proof of the truth of yoga. New is about Prahlad Jani Yogi that by the first time a team of scientists has clearly demonstrated the existence of a higher level of consciousness. We should live not only environmentally, but also spiritually. This is my message. That is the most important point.

For me the key to plausibility is, that Yogi Prahlad Jani is not the only thoroughly studied case. There are also the yogini Giri Bala and the Swiss Holy Nicholas of Flüe. In addition, the Karmapa (Tibetan enlightened) was 1981 investigated in a hospital in Chicago by Western doctors. They confirmed his special abilities. And there is the discovery of quantum physicists that a higher cosmic dimension exists. God is the higher energy dimension, from which the Yogi relates his food.

Ultimately, the goal of yoga is not a life without eating or drinking. The most important point is to relate happiness, love, peace and strength from the higher energy dimension. The spiritual energy is known in yoga as light (Amrita, happiness energy). Then the Yogi lives in the light. He has light in himself and light around himself. In Christianity, one speaks of the Holy Spirit and to live in God. A life in God is a much happier life than a life without the love of God. I am a happiness philosopher. For me, the meaning of life is to be happy. This is at a high level only possible by a life in God, in the light or let’s call it enlightenment or holiness.

Enlightenment and profound inner happiness arises from the resolution of internal tension. Tension is caused by stress (anxiety, addiction). Every normal person has many layers of tension in himself. If he is released from the internal tension, inner well-being and happiness appears. The Light of God (the energy from the higher dimension) can not flow into the body and the soul (spirit) of a person, if he is too tensed. The more he purifies himself through physical and mental exercises, the more he can be filled with the happiness energy of God. This energy is a relatively independent substance (consciousness energy). It can be transmitted from an enlightened master to other people.

Yogini Giri Bala[edit]

File:Yogin Giri Bala.jpg
Yogini Giri Bala

(Quotes from Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda)

“‘I know Giri Bala well,’ Sthiti Babu told me. ‘She employs a certain yoga technique which enables her to live without eating. I was her close neighbor in Nawabganj near Ichapur. I made it a point to watch her closely; never did I find evidence that she was taking either food or drink. My interest finally mounted so high that I approached the Maharaja of Burdwan and asked him to conduct an investigation. Astounded at the story, he invited her to his palace. She agreed to a test and lived for two months locked up in a small section of his home. Later she returned for a palace visit of twenty days; and then for a third test of fifteen days. The Maharaja himself told me that these three rigorous scrutinies had convinced him beyond doubt of her non-eating state.’

Soon a short figure came into view in the doorway Giri Bala! She was swathed in a cloth of dull, goldish silk; in typically Indian fashion, she drew forward modestly and hesitatingly, peering slightly from beneath the upper fold of her swadeshi cloth. Her eyes glistened like smouldering embers in the shadow of her head piece; we were enamored by a most benevolent and kindly face, a face of realization and understanding, free from the taint of earthly attachment.

Finally we had recorded for posterity many photographs of the only woman in the world who is known to have lived without food or drink for over fifty years. Most motherly was Giri Bala’s expression as she stood before us, completely covered in the loose-flowing cloth, nothing of her body visible but her face with its downcast eyes.

The little saint seated herself cross-legged on the verandah. Though bearing the scars of age, she was not emaciated; her olive-colored skin had remained clear and healthy in tone.

“I love to cook and feed people.”

A strange pastime, I thought, for a non-eating saint!

“Tell me, Mother, from your own lipsdo you live without food?”

“That is true.” She was silent for a few moments; her next remark showed that she had been struggling with mental arithmetic. “From the age of twelve years four months down to my present age of sixty-eighta period of over fifty-six yearsI have not eaten food or taken liquids.”

“But you do eat something!” My tone held a note of remonstrance.

“Of course!” She smiled in swift understanding.

“Your nourishment derives from the finer energies of the air and sunlight, and from the cosmic power which recharges your body through the medulla oblongata.”

“Baba knows.” Again she acquiesced, her manner soothing and unemphatic.

“Mother, please tell me about your early life. It holds a deep interest for all of India, and even for our brothers and sisters beyond the seas.”

Giri Bala put aside her habitual reserve, relaxing into a conversational mood.

“So be it.” Her voice was low and firm. “I was born in these forest regions. My childhood was unremarkable save that I was possessed by an insatiable appetite. I had been betrothed in early years.

“‘Child,’ my mother often warned me, ‘try to control your greed. When the time comes for you to live among strangers in your husband’s family, what will they think of you if your days are spent in nothing but eating?’

“The calamity she had foreseen came to pass. I was only twelve when I joined my husband’s people in Nawabganj. My mother-in-law shamed me morning, noon, and night about my gluttonous habits.

“‘Lord,’ I prayed incessantly, ‘please send me a guru, one who can teach me to live by Thy light and not by food.’

“A divine ecstasy fell over me. Led by a beatific spell, I set out for the Nawabganj ghat on the Ganges. The morning sun pierced the waters; I purified myself in the Ganges, as though for a sacred initiation. As I left the river bank, my wet cloth around me, in the broad glare of day my master appeared!

“‘Dear little one,’ he said in a voice of loving compassion, ‘I am the guru sent here by God to fulfill your urgent prayer. From today you shall live by the astral light, your bodily atoms fed from the infinite current.’”

He initiated me into a kria technique which frees the body from dependence on the gross food of mortals. The technique includes the use of a certain mantra and a breathing exercise more difficult than the average person could perform.

I have never had any children; many years ago I became a widow. I sleep very little, as sleep and waking are the same to me. I meditate at night, attending to my domestic duties in the daytime. I slightly feel the change in climate from season to season. I have never been sick or experienced any disease. I feel only slight pain when accidentally injured. I have no bodily excretions. I can control my heart and breathing. I often see my guru as well as other great souls, in vision.

“Mother,” I said slowly, “what is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating?”

“To prove that man is Spirit.”

The saint sank into a deep meditative state. Her gaze was directed inward; the gentle depths of her eyes became expressionless. She gave a certain sigh, the prelude to the ecstatic breathless trance. For a time she had fled to the questionless realm, the heaven of inner joy.

Discussion in a German Internet forum[edit]

(multi-religiöses Forum, June 2010)

Nils: I'm not a dogmatist. I watch the Indian press and the case of the yogi. If fraud is proved to the doctors, I will regretfully withdraw my argument with the yogi. Until now, there are no serious indications of fraud. One of the 30 doctors (some sources say even up to 45 people were involved) would at some point uncover a fraud. He could thus become rich and famous. I do not think in the long run that such a great fraud case can be maintained.

Also the reported case of the Yogini by Yogananda was investigated thoroughly. It was also in retrospect not a scam. Rather, many other witnesses confirmed the truth of the statement of the yogini. The capabilities of the yogis are not based on magic, but on opportunities that arise during the enlightenment, or shortly before. In yoga this is called siddhis. They are a proof that an exceedance of the material laws of nature is possible. There are thousands of witnesses from many religions for these skills by yogis. But they have never been investigated so thoroughly. This is made ​​possible by modern technology.

Free Spirit: Hi Yogi Nils. Should I believe that, I do not know. I think there is much more possible than is usually believed.

Nils: Very good. I'm also careful with the facts. But at the moment speaks from my point of view everything for the truth of the event. The whole world press holds the case for credible, even though it contradicts the materialist world view. If there had been some suspicion, it would have been reported. So the world press just told simply the facts.

Annaxim: How the yogis do this, I do not know.

Nils: It is a yoga technique. The Yogi and the Yogini told exactly how they do it. They focus in meditation on the higher energy dimension and a certain area in their mouth, breathe in a certain way and think of a mantra (word). This brings the subtle light energy (the Holy Spirit, Amrita) into the body and replaces the food. The basic technique was described by the sage Patanjali Yoga 2000 years ago in the Yoga Sutra. When a yogi has reached a certain stage on the path of yoga, a special kind of meditation is possible.

Annaxim: Whereby do you want to know, that the surveillance had absolutely no gaps? At night, in the bathroom and on the toilet? Everywhere?

Nils: The video camera was running the whole time. The doctors have said that the surveillance had no gaps. What are you waiting for? The whole experiment would have been meaningless if the Yogi would have had a chance in between something to eat and drink. And there is still the Yogini who was locked without food and water three times for a long time in a room (because the Maharaja could hardly believe it himself).

If we assume with the Indian doctors that Prahlad Jani can live without food, this would also been possible to Jesus. Jesus had after his enlightenment four weeks no desire for food or drink. Then again awakened his worldly needs. Prahlad Jani proves the truth of the Bible.

but hey Nils there is a one thing that you should know prahlad jani and his religious team rejected to test under individiul team of rationalist.also sudhir shah a main doctor who examine a prahalad jani not allowing sanal adamuruku a rationalist from india to inspect during test.most doctor of the team is from deeply jain religion they also have their theory on how they get energy from sunlight and simply they want to prove it. you are saying that he is not fraud but hey he has a practice of 70 years of getting food without knowing common people in my perspective ,also there are some people from his village who claims that he is fraud.

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