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This unofficial International Post-Scarcity symbol was created to raise awareness of Post-Scarcity. Credit: Ps2045.

Post scarcity is a lecture and article about a time when society has sufficient resources.

You are free to take this quiz based on the lecture at any time.

Once you’ve read and studied the lecture itself, the links contained within, listed under See also, and in the {{anthropology resources}}, {{economics resources}} and {{humanities resources}} templates you should have adequate background to score 100 %.

The quiz can also be taken repetitively to improve your score.

Enjoy learning by doing!


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1 Complete the text:

All software developers are moving towards the in a "post scarcity ".

2 Which of the following is not a natural phenomenon associated with post scarcity?

food surpluses
warlords creating food shortages
fresh water
oil sufficiency
mild climate

3 Yes or No, After the elimination of scarcity; in a time when society has sufficient resources is called a postscarcity.


4 Key to this shifting and increasingly important concept is the proposition that the world has altered and new

are replacing the old stalwarts of class and economic privation as the West moves to a post-scarcity society.

5 True or False, While it may be too early to identify specific winners and losers, we can venture some general observations about the impact of a post-scarcity regime.


6 Which of the following is a phenomenon associated with a "wealth surplus"?

greedy upper class
software developers
everyone is doing okay
many plagues
"haves" and "have-nots"
monopolies and oligopolies

7 Yes or No, There is enough food grown world-wide to feed everyone.


8 True or False, When a society has sufficient resources, people will breed more people to increase the need for more resources.


9 Which phenomena are associated with post scarcity?

natural disasters
deflation or stable prices
a one perfect religion
liquid methane oceans
a scarcity of minerals

10 Yes or No, If an AI is necessary for post-scarcity, post-scarcity may not happen.



Main source: Hypotheses
  1. Society has already reached a time when it has sufficient resources.

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