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About Wikihigh
Wikihigh Directory
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Welcome to Wikihigh

Training ground for Internet users, GED students and job seekers

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Wikihigh of Wikiversity offers a wide variety of formal and informal courses for Wiki users, Google users, WordPress users, GED students, job seekers, and courses for teachers and professors who would like to take formal courses in content development for learning resources. All are free or charge. Check out our course catalog in non-mobile format.

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Wikihigh Directory

The school directory tells you where to go for what and why. You can go there by clicking on the blue image with >> in the navigation bar for quicker access to any of the topics herein.

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Wikihigh Teachers

The list of teachers at Wikihigh lets you know who your volunteer teachers are, and how to contact them for any necessary coaching or mentoring. Volunteers: add your own name to the list!

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Wikihigh Students

The list of students at Wikihigh lets you know who your classmates are, and how to contact them for collaborative learning. Did you add your name to the list yet?

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Get Started at Wikiversity

The purpose of this guided tour is to help a newcomer become a productive member of this website as quickly as possible. During this tour, you will be provided with the steps you need to create a Wikiversity account, set up your Wikiversity user page, and the whole nine yards.

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Earlier Guided Tours

Guided tours are sequences of pages which provide information most relevant to newcomers, and those seeking general information about Wikiversity. Select from:

  1. The newcomers' tour
  2. A selection of featured Wikiversity content
  3. Accessing Wikiversity by educational level
  4. Creating educational content at Wikiversity (for teachers)
  5. A tour of project boxes for classifying educational resources

Tip: When on a tour, stay in the green box with the yellow smiley. Only interact with links within the green box. If you click outside the green box, you might lose your way! :-)

Wikihigh - GED Preparation Free of Charge

As an alternative pathway to a high school credential, the GED measures the lasting outcomes of a secondary education. Our goal is to help you get a GED in the shortest amount of time possible. There is no cost, no advertising, and no credentials are required. Here you'll find free learning materials and you can participate in learning projects free of charge.

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User Page Builder

The user page builder helps you create an impressive wiki user page within a short amount of time. Its use provides newcomers with an immediate confidence in getting to know the wiki website.

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Around Wikiversity in 80 Pages

This is a collection of 80 pages gathering all the concepts that a Wikiversity community builder must know in order to carry out their work effectively.

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How to Create a Guided Tour
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If you're not really interested in any of our guided tours and just want to learn how to create a guided tour such as ours but for your own purposes, click on the following link and learn how.

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Attention Community Builders

If you want to help build or have questions about Wikihigh, please contact User:Planotse.

This page is still under construction.