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The GreySmith old root Portal Version[edit | edit source]

When I first started GreySmith, the idea was to flesh out a research tree, that would capture the breadth and depth of the Artificial Consciousness Topic. The idea was to attract others to work with me, on the project. However I quickly noticed that the result while optimized for best mental agility, did not, make finding projects easy. People who tried to navigate the Portal complained that they were getting confused by the arbitrary way I linked the topics together.

I tried to index the site, only to find that the index exceeded the depth of the heading tree I was trying to document it with.

It quickly became obvious that what I needed was, to refactor the tree, so that it could be more easily traversed. But how to do so, was problematic, I literally didn't know of another way to factor the knowledge yet.

The answer finally came to me when I was doing my Socially Responsible Funding concept drawings, and I wanted to use GreySmith Institute as an example of how a research project might be funded.

Instead of trying to break the knowledge down into sub-chunks and make up experiments for each of the sub-chunks, I decided that it would be much more practical to separate the knowledge according to Laboratories, and let the laboratories decide their own internal structure as they researched their particular topic.

The idea of using AGILE Planning as a business technique on the Institute was born.

The problem was that I had spent months building the original portal concept, and I wanted to grab parts of it, and preserve them for use in the new system. So naturally I had to link the old portal to the new one, so that I didn't lose track of all that work. I think the old portal represents a good vision of how NOT to build a Collaborative Research Project.