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Neuropsych Lab[edit | edit source]

This lab is about neuroscience and psychology and anything in between it has sections for Neuroscience, Neuropsychology, Histopsychology, and Organic Psychology as well as behaviorism, and Organizational Behavior/Sociology. Essentially it builds upon neuroscience, to create neuropsychology, it builds on neuropsychology to build histopsychology, histopsychology to build organic psychology, and organic psychology to build an explanation of behavoiral psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Sociology.

In the end the hope is to build a theory of everything that goes from the neuron, to Social behavior, and explains each step in between. Right now I think the missing link is the discipline of histopsychology, or tissue psychology, which explains how the tissues in the brain work together to build higher order psychological effects, which in turn work together to build behavior, organizational behavior and finally sociology.