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Genomics Lab[edit | edit source]

Now that we are getting a handle on the Genomes of various creatures that represent phylogenic adaptations over the history of the world, we can begin to wonder, which genetic changes come with which phylogenic changes?

Of interest to GreySmith Institute is the phylogenic changes in the brain of the organism. Although development of the brain seems to (to some extent) follow phylogeny, suggesting phylogeny is a critical factor in brain development, we as yet do not have a very good handle on how phylogeny is triggered by genetic changes.

Currently work is being done by AFriedman on the g Protein which comes somewhere in around the shift from radial to bilateral body change.

I hope in the future to also be able to work with John LaMuth, who's work has been in the cortical Growth rings and the identification of the Konicortex or 6th growth ring as being the most recent cortical areas developed. Of interest here, is work on the two tissue lines that make up the Konicortex, and what their cyto-architecture tells us about their histo-psychology. If we could link this to genetic changes in the organism we might be able to discuss the difference between primates and slightly lower phylogenic classifications genetically as well as phylogenically.