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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab[edit | edit source]

When MRI first came out, there was really only one type of magnetic resonance image formed. However as the number of MRI machines has increased, the number of different techniques for getting information out of the image, has benefited from the pre-existence of the MRI.

Some techniques like DSI are simply filters used to detect different spectra based on the original MRI data. Other techniques like MDI attempt to find tighter resolutions, but require supporting technologies like magnetic stains.

The MRI lab, is more about what different types of images can be formed, and how to get the best contrast for a particular type of image, than it is for actually imaging disease. As a result, it would tie up a normal MRI for extended periods which would limit the use of the MRI for medical imaging. For this reason, a special research MRI installation is considered. It is not that it can't be used in a medical emergency, but that it will not always be configured for medical use.