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Cyto-Architecture Lab[edit | edit source]

The Cyto-Architecture Lab, is all about understanding the nature of tissues, made up of Neurons. Essentially, each neuron has a role, and tissues often include multiple types of neurons that work together in Heterogeneous groups that have a more complex role, that work together in tissues that have an even more complex role, that work together to form organs, and so on.

The GreySmith Institute is about understanding the histo-psychology of the brain, or how tissues work together to make the brains functions. From this we hope to build an Artificial Consciousness, based on the GreySmith Model, but informed by cyto-architecture. Critical to the understanding of the brain is the understanding of the cyto-architecture of various homogeneous tissue areas within the cerebral cortex, classified by Brodman and von Economo.

In the Future I hope to work with John LaMuth who has built a model of the Brodmann areas, based on a 7 by 12 grid suggesting some 84 distinct cortical areas associated with different input types, and brain phylogenic growth rings, to define a little bit closer just exactly what each such tissue area is doing. Of interest to me is the discovery of giant pyramidal neurons in the Laminae IIIb of one such line of tissues, which might suggest that my complicit attention model which requires a feedback connection between the cerebellum and multi-modal associative areas, is correct, at least for that particular line of tissues.