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Circadian and Brain Rhythm Lab[edit | edit source]

This lab is where information on Circadian Rhythms, and brain rhythms are gathered. In the GreySmith Model, different rhythms are associated with different memory areas, and the reflection of them in the cerebral cortex, comes from redirection through the Thalamus.

One project that is ongoing, is an Advanced SADS light, capable of dealing with people who do not entrain to 24 hours. With more functions than the regular SADS light it can be set to adjust circadian rhythms in ways that the normal SADS light could only dream of.

Currently parts have been back-ordered from a discount supply house, and there is some question as to whether the LEDS in the prototype have a high enough Lux level to be therapeutic, but once the circuit is more stable we will be able to order the right LED's for production and finalize the design.