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Agile Business Design Theory

The Agile business Design concept is based on the Agile software design process. In essence it is a recursive planning style, with stepwise refinement of specifications and testing to determine that the business as designed is working.

Unlike the Waterfall system, also known as Top-Down Planning, Agile, does not assume that the top executives are the only people who can plan. Instead, the executive level lays out a general plan, and it is discussed and modified so that the next level down can make a more detailed plan, that they feel they can make work, and then this is modified by the next level down, who has to start to implement it, the hallmark of an Agile Business Plan, is the fact that it is refactored, every business cycle, so that new information can be integrated into it.

Because so many levels of management are involved, a truly agile plan, can adjust to any internal or external factors changing the nature of the business within a single business cycle. The faster the cycles are, the more agile the business becomes.