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The Rodent Psych Lab, is used to safely and cost-effectively test memory models based on the GreySmith Memory Model. While psychology scientists want to be able to work on human memory, it is often not ethically feasible for them to do so.

Rodents on the other hand have relatively short lifespans and are often seen as pests.

Even people who have ethical problems with primate experiments tend to have less problems with rodent experiments.

To be sensitive to the opinion that even mice have experiences, and therefore might feel pain, should not keep us from relatively simple behavioral experiments as long as we take good care of the experimental animals between experiments.

Although there is no chance that we will actually be doing rodent experiments on Wikiversity, the Rodent Laboratory is meant to be a place where scientists working on the rodent research can pool their results, and discuss protocols.

If there is an ethical aspect to the protocol, such as death and dissection of the rodent, it should be vetted by an ethics committee at the research institute doing the experiment before it is attempted. Posting of the experiment protocol on this site does not mean that it is vetted by any such group.