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A pole jam is a trick maneuver skateboarders do over a pole. A pole jam is an action the skater does when he approaches a pole and he or she then continues to ride up and over the top of the pole. (No ollie is used to get into the pole jam.)

Typically the pole used is bent down into an acute angle, so that grinding it is easier.

Pole jams can be enhanced with other tricks performed when coming out of the grind.


  1. Approach the pole with moderate speed. [1]
  2. As you get closer begin to raise the front truck of the board into the air. (So that you don't just hit the pole) [2]
  3. As you "manual" up the pole begin to lean forward so as you exit the pole, the board is leveled out. [3]
  4. Roll away feeling good. [4]

*** Now try the listed different variations of the trick ***