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Photon source[edit]

Electromagnetic wave radiation Coil of N turns
Sun Celestial planet
Electric light Light bulb

Photon's chracteristics[edit]

Photon is energy of a Quanta that travels as electromagnetic wave at speed of light


- Photon
- frequency of photon's wave
- angular frequency of photon's wave
- Planck's constant

Photon's State[edit]

Photon is observed to exist in 2 states

Radiant Photon exists at frequency process the following identities

Non radiant Photon exists at frequency

Uncertainty of Photon's state Photon exists in 2 states at specific frequency . The chance to find one of its state (successful rate of finding photon) is 1/2 where h = p λ . h and p do not change, only wavelength changes with frequency . Hence, Uncertainty principle

Photon cannot exist in 2 states at the same time

Mathematically, Uncertainty principle can be expressed as

Photon's Quantization[edit]

Wave Particle Duality[edit]

Wave like .
Particle like .

Photon's effects[edit]

Photon interacts with matter to create Heat transfer of three phases Heat conduction, Heat convection and Heat radiation

Heat transfer Explanation Mathematical formulas
Heat conduction matter absorbs photon's energy creates change in matter's temperature
Heat convection matter conducts photon's energy to the maximum at threshold frequency
Heat radiation matter ejects electron off its atom at frequency greater than threshold frequency
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