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There is an on-going controversy regarding Immigration to the United States. Donald Trump was elected President of the US on a platform that included "building a wall" on the US-Mexican border and exporting all the "criminal immigrants."[citation needed]

Others have noted that if the US does not want "those people" coming, the US should stop providing guns to the agents of state terror in their countries of origin.[citation needed]

Supporters of immigrant rights suggest two reforms to protect and advance society in general:

Driver's License/permit for undocumented immigrants/non citizens[edit]

People without proper documentation to be here are driving. Everyone else on the road would be safer if those people had valid driver's licenses.

Protect in state tuition[edit]

Many undocumented parents have been paying taxes for years, often paying into a fraudulent social security account, from which they have no hope of collecting.[citation needed] It's only simple justice, supporter say, that residents should have access to in-state tuition, regardless of whether they can document citizenship.[citation needed]