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The group promoting "Kansas People's Agenda 2017" brainstormed the following Economic justice issues:

Workers Compensation reform

Minimum wage increase

Higher Ed Internship Pay

Tax policy (get rid of tax cuts for wealthy)

Payday Loan reform

Small business economic development

Graduate student pay

Get rid of sales tax on food

Many of these reforms can be justified under traditional economic theory. However, stronger justification is available from Post-Keynesian economists and proponents of "Modern Monetary Theory" (MMT), who claim that we'd have generally faster, more broadly shared economic growth if we managed the economy for full employment and controlled inflation by ensuring there is adequate competition in all nominally-free markets. Paul Krugman claims that MMT does not include adequate controls for inflation. Stephanie Kelton claims that more traditional economist have overlooked important evidence, e.g., in failing to cite President Carter's deregulation of natural gas as an important contributor to the reductions in inflation that occurred when Paul Volker was chair of the Fed.[citation needed]