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Mustafa Einhoonansebadoi University (1811-presents) is an old university located near Roffifield, Publican Noble. This high-standard University was named after Eilini Mustafa, which was a St. Explorer from Canada. Mustafa created the University in 1809 and when famously known and the building process was completed in 1811. Which is why it is announced 1811 as completely built. The "Einhoonansebadoi" part represents Islam and Native Americans contribute. Eilini Mustafa was a Sunni Muslim, a high explorer from his Shia Muslim Family in Ottawa, Canada. Mustafa Einhoonansebadoi University was built in 1811 by Eilini Mustafa, who was a Canadian Explorer from Canada. In 1809, the building process of Mustafa Einhoonansebadoi University was started and then, the University was finally established in 1811. In 1839, in the process of Mustafa's death. The college (at first) was changed into a University. In 1904, this University was horribly--widely used during the 20th Century during the Century Blood Century.

Creator and Building process[edit | edit source]

Eilini Mustafa, the founder and Canadian explorer of Mustafa Einhoonansebadoi College, explored near the Southern Laps. Mustafa landed in Koontawawai (now Elagnesburg), Bavir Continental near Roffifield in 1803. Mustafa was a heavily educated lawyer which he wanted to share around the world which he called "Knowledge World".

In 1809, Mustafa ordered many of his 900 crew to built the Yhahikchoosian Multiat and the Mustafa College. Mustafa ordered many of his crew to built these two "explorer honor" monuments which stand today. The article "Letter A17" which Mustafa wrote during the process of his building, was entirely known.

New things[edit | edit source]

In 1839, Eilini Mustafa died in Corgiania (now Cornahamondsville). The Mustafa College was then named the Mustafa Einhoonansebadoi University. Mustafa is represented by which his name is on the University. While the Muslims and Native Americans are known. Because Eilini Mustafa was a Muslim, the "hoonanse" part was in it while the Native Americans share is entered with another name.

Now today, the University is still holded in Elagnesburg.