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This is the learning project about the realtime VoIP system for peer-to-peer communication. See Internet Audio and Video

What is MozIAX?[edit]

MozIAX is an open source peer-to-peer Voice over IP (VoIP) plugin for Mozilla-based browsers such as Firefox.

How can MozIAX be used as a learning resource?[edit]

Besides being useful as a phone call program, MozIAX can also be used to connect to teachers, record multiuser lessons, and create podcasts to name a few.


See also[edit]

  • Epresence - An open/community source project for interactive media software: capturing, archiving, and webcasting system that delivers video and presentation media over the internet using multiple streaming formats for multiple platforms. ePresence also supports text and voice interaction among event participants.
  • Skype - A proprietary VoIP system