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Values in Action framework of strengths:
What is the VIA Framework and how can it be applied?
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Overview[edit | edit source]

Figure 1. Family is seen as a core value in many cultures across the world
Scenario/case study
  • Consider starting by describing a situation or problem in which VIA might be applicable
  • Very briefly describe the VIA framework and mention its components
Focus questions
  • focus question 1?
  • focus question 2?
  • focus question 3?

Values In Action framework[edit | edit source]

What is it?[edit | edit source]

What does it measure?[edit | edit source]

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Try the Values in Action survey to see your top three strengths!

How it works?[edit | edit source]

Application[edit | edit source]

Children vs adults?[edit | edit source]

Workplace[edit | edit source]

Personally[edit | edit source]

VIA vs DSM?[edit | edit source]

Conclusion[edit | edit source]

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