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This page documents the main wiki skills needed for successful participation in this unit.

Progress-0500.svg Completion status: this resource is ~50% complete.

Welcome[edit | edit source]

Orientation[edit | edit source]

Where am I?

Welcome to the English-language Wikiversity ( Much of the learning material and activities for Motivation and emotion will utilise Wikiversity.

What is Wikiversity?

Wikiversity is a wiki for free and open educational resources. It is supported by the Wikimedia Foundation which also supports sister projects such as Wikipedia and Wikibooks. For examples of Wikiversity content, try visiting a random page.

What is on Canvas?

The UCLearn site provides announcements, discussion forum, and grades. It is for formally enrolled students who wish to receive institutional accreditation.

How is the content organised?

Motivation and emotion links to unit content. You can also explore the unit content via the category page: Category:Motivation and emotion.

Create an account

By registering a Wikiversity account, you will create a user page which can be a good place to write about yourself, keep notes, and add links of interest. As the unit unfolds, you will be required to author material on Wikiversity. Editing using a registered account (rather than anonymously) helps to track and organise your contributions.

How can I learn about using Wikiversity?

To teach yourself more about Wikiversity, try the guided tours and see Help. You can also ask questions at the Colloquium which is Wikiversity community hub.

Want to know more?

Post questions or comments to the UCLearn discussion forum.

What wiki skills do I need?[edit | edit source]

The basic required skills are:

  1. Creating an account
  2. Logging in
  3. Locating your user page
  4. Editing, adding, and saving text
  5. Formatting
    1. headings
    2. bullet-points
    3. Help:Links
  6. Working with images
  7. Communicating via talk pages
  8. Being bold enough to ask for help

Creating an account[edit | edit source]

The first step is to create a Wikiversity account - also see why create an account?. By the end of Week 3, you should have created an account and emailed or messaged your user name to the unit convener.

Choose your user name carefully
  1. If you are happy to have your name attached to your work/reflections, then feel free to create a user account using something like your real name.
  2. If you do not want to have your real identity public, then feel free to create a user account using a pseudonym.
  3. If you want to have your account renamed, ask the convener.
  4. For more information, see Wikiversity:Privacy policy

FAQ[edit | edit source]

How to convert a word doc into wiki format[edit | edit source]

  • If you develop text offline, as a word processing document, and you want to convert to Wikiversity (e.g., because you have formatting such as headings and links), it can be converted into wiki-text format. Email the convener who can help with this (or you can try yourself - e.g., via the wiki-text export function in Open Office Writer.

See also[edit | edit source]