Modern European Ink Painting

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Today I remembered my fall in Japan (or it was in Japan in 1998) by Alfred Freddy Krupa

A late-20st-century and early-21st-century movement, Modern ink painting[1] (sometimes called the "New Ink Movement"[2] or the "New Ink Art"[3]) is an emerging style that reaches beyond traditional Asian ink painting in scope and treatment of a minimalist-art. Contemporary ink painting is developing and establishing the recognition it deserves and gaining its own place among the major pictorial works of the world[4]. Lui Shou-kwan (1919-1975) is credited with founding the New Ink Painting Movement. This global contemporary art movement, represents sort of amalgamation of the Western visual art problems and practices with those of East Asia[5].

The founder of the European variant/contribution[6] to the (mainly Asian) Modern ink painting movement[7][8] is Alfred Freddy Krupa[9][10][11]. It combines Expressionism, Art Informel, Minimalism, plein air work, Abstract Art (etc.) with a typically East Asian approach (Jürgen Weichardt 2016, Francesco Scagliola 2017, Ante Vranković 2018)[12][13][14].