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Far away from the central of the world, there is a place; also called "A paradise unexplored". This place is in a peace and calm state. It is situated at eastern part of India and is named Mizoram. Mizoram is one among the twenty eight states in India. It have a rich cultural and natural heritage bounded by Indo-Myanmar and Bangladesh border. The indigeneous people of Mizoram are called Mizo, which means;people of zo. These people are friendly and the community of the society is well cherish and they are blessed by their rich flora and fauna. Majority of the people living in Mizoram belong to a religion of Christianity, like the countries of United States etc,the percentage of Christianity is almost 100%.ie,.Almost all the people living in the land are Christian. It is connected by a national highway from Guwahati to the state capital Aizawl.You can also travel by a flight from Kolkata to Lengpui Airport (25km from Aizawl) around a week(daily). Recently, Mizoram is emerging as one of the main tourist attracting places all over India and the world too. The unexplored places in the land is attracting more and more tourists as it is so called paradise unexplored. The main places which are likely appealing for tourists are:Phawngpui tlang(blue mountain),Tam dil(Tam lake),Rih dil(Rih lake),Tlawng river and Chhimtuipui river for drafting etc.. These places are seeming to become more and more tourist attracting places in the coming years as it is also a pollution free.Unlike any places,there is fresh mountain water to drink,fresh air to breath and organic foods(zero pesticides and fertilizers) to eat.The place is having a moderate rainfall and moderate climate,it is suitably hospitable for all living creatures and this is why it is going to be and will be a major tourist center in the coming years.