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Specialist in Maritime Medicine with specific competencies[edit | edit source]

Maritime medicine is not a well-established medical specialty and this MSc degree in maritime medicine with an impact on research education is intended to be just one possibility to be a specialist in maritime medicine. So this Master's degree is directed to medical doctors with an interest in research, while others may like to put more impact on the clinical challenges. Many postgraduate courses are available in maritime health for all interests and these courses will be needed as supplemental education. Due to the different tasks, a maritime medical specialist has to manage there is a need to study which are the basic qualifications needed for the clinical part for the specialists. In order to come up with some relevant proposals on how clinical education could be designed, a study is conducted on how the different maritime clinics train new medical doctors and keep them updated in their skills and competencies. We have some studies on the maritime doctors' needs for education to take into consideration when planning the clinical part. Among the 23 themes, the ranking of perceived training needs was highest for fitness evaluation and examination guidelines and working conditions, onboard medicine 82%, rules and regulations, and health and safety at work[1][2]

Some possible combinations of specialization in Maritime Medicine
Base Additional
1 A, B or C + MSc. Maritime Medicine UCA + Postgrade = Specialist Maritime Medicine (MM)
2 A, B or C + MSc.Marit Med Research (1) + Postgrade = Specialist MM Research
3 A, B or C + MSc. Global Health and Infect dis (2) + Postgrade = Specialist MM Global Health/Infect

(1) MAHRE-Net - university (2) University of Edinburg (online) and/or London School H/TMed

Medical specialisation obtained

A Occupational Medicine
B General Practice
C Other medical specialization

References[edit | edit source]

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