Maritime Health Research and Education-NET/Draft Letter to the Maritime University

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Invitation to Rectors of Maritime Universities

The Maritime Health Research and Education-NET (MAHRE-NET) is a non-profit network of students and researchers collaborating with the goal of providing a database for evidence in risk identification, improvement in health benefits related to occupation and employment. The expected social impact is to promote safe and healthy preventive strategies and policies. We will follow and support young people from universities or maritime schools in their careers. The method is that we ask maritime students to fill out a short questionnaire about their health and well-being at the beginning of their studies. When they start their professional practices at sea, they will answer the same questions to identify the environmental influence on their well-being on board. We measure how many of them leave the profession of sea and ask them to tell us how the profession can continue to be attractive to young people. Later we asked them the same questionnaires at intervals of a few years. We give the same questionnaires to maritime students from other countries so that they can compare them and learn from their proposals on how to achieve the best working conditions. These databases will be used by professional researchers of Maritime Health for the publication of scientific articles, in them the direct collaborators of the participating universities will be mentioned, for example, Student Coordinator, Dean and rector of the Participating University, as credit to their collaboration. With your acceptance of this letter Maritime Health Research and Education-NET (MAHRE-NET), you will start with the formality of an agreement between the Study Center that you direct.

Awaiting your timely response for the benefit of international maritime development


MAHRE-NET members