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Chapter 1 Learning Criteria[edit]

Complete and show competency for the following learning criteria to be awarded the Mobile Web Applications Building a mobile web page in HTML5 badge.

Learning Criteria[edit]

Complete the following tasks, and where required publish your work to a stable web hosting environment.

  1. Project 1: Mobile Web Page
  2. Section 1 Quiz
  3. Project 2: Cascading Style Sheets
  4. Section 2 Quiz
  5. Project 3: JavaScript Detect
  6. Section 3 Quiz


Create a new section on the chapter evidence page and add links to your project solutions. Be sure to include with your MediaWiki signature ~~~~ (four tildes will insert your signature with date/time stamp).

Badge to be awarded[edit]


This badge represents an introductory understanding to mobile web application development. The badge holder should be able to engage in a basic discussion about mobile web application development. They should be able to develop a basic comprehension from the readings, media and online discussions focused on the subject domain. They should be able to develop a basic mobile web application.