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Levels User Tier Badges Business Tier Badges Data Tier Badges Criteria
Description All user-interface and mobile related three-tier development task descriptions. Including; HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, View and Controller. All middle tier design and coding, including; JavaScript, Model, business services, and RESTful API coding. All data tier design and coding, data tier components, SQL, database, performance, caching and scalability
Introduction to the vocabulary and subject domain so the learner is able to engage in readings, media and discussions.
Beginner Has shown commitment to learning the subject and has completed the previous introductory modules on the subject. The introductory learning materials has covered all aspects of the subject without great depth. The learner is able to engage discussions on the subject and code a very basic three-tier mobile web application.
Continues to show commitment to the subject and has completed all previous modules on the subject. The learning materials cover the subject in both breadth and depth. The learner could design and code a three-tier mobile web application with little guidance.
Advanced Has proven skills and knowledge in the subject domain. Has completed all previous modules that would cover the subject domain in its entirety. Could support the master level in teaching to large groups.
Expert / Master Could begin to provide mentorship and guidance within a master / apprentice type model. After proven success within the master role could teach the subject to larger groups.