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Lunarpedia is a wiki dedicated to lunar science, education, development and research. Lunarpedia is an educational public resource provided by The Moon Society, which is a US-based 501c3 tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Lunarpedia's mission is to cover everything we will need to know how to do on Luna (the Earth's moon) to set up self-sustaining bases and colonies, as well as related efforts, designs, and business models that may eventually lead there. Construction is underway and you can help!

Lunarpedia has some sister sites, a general space wiki at Exoplatz, a space dictionary at Exodictionary, a Mars wiki at Marspedia, and scientific fiction at

Other Links of Possible Interest[edit]

Lunar Boom Town explores the technology and other requirements of space settlements via role playing games, engineering simulations, online research and venture planning. Have a litle fun while doing things vital to human progress into space.