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Light comes from light sources for example Sun, Star,Moon, Electric lamp, Gasoline lamp, Fire, Candle, Fire fly

Light interaction[edit]

Visible light interacts with matter creates

  • Heat transfer . Energy absorbs by matter from interaction with light's energy depend on matter's thickness and its color . Observation shows that dark and thin clothes dry faster than bright and thick clothes
  • Color lights . Rainbow of 7 colors
  • Matter's shadow .

Visible light[edit]

James clerk Maxwell has shown that Visible light travels as Electromagnetic wave of a constant speed in vacuum and in air with a visible wave length 400-700 nm

Speed of visible light

Wave length of a visible light

According to Planck, all matter radiates visible light at Threshold frequency, fo . Hence,

Energy of visible light


Visible color lights[edit]

Light dispersion conceptual waves350px.gif

Experiment has shown that visible light decompose into its composite color lights when light travels through prism . There are 6 colors are observed namely Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet

Color Angle of fraction Wavelength