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It is recommended that participants register accounts at Wikiversity. In general, users with a Wikipedia account may link an account with the same name here, or a new account may be started here if one wishes to keep the accounts separate. Having an account allows all a user's edits to be identified, if they are made when logged-in, and is actually more anonymous, since anonymous edits will display, in page history, the IP address of the editor. Having an account will allow the rest of us to contact you, on your user Talk page, and you can set up your preferences so that you get e-mail notifications of all your Talk page edits. You may also choose to allow direct email contact from other Wikiversity users, and that does not reveal your email address to anyone; your address would only be revealed (to the sender of an email to you) if you choose to respond to the mail.

It may be useful to know which participants are graduates of the w:Landmark Forum, so feel free to add, to your listing below, the information. As a minimum, having registered an account, you can add this to the list under Participants.


Copy this *before* you press the edit link to the right of the Participants section title.

If you are not logged in, this will insert your IP address, it's better to have an account, but if you do want to sign up here without creating an account, you will need to replace the tildes with some name or identifying information. Using an account is much easier!

To be clear, one need not be a graduate of the Landmark or Est trainings to register as a participant.

Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Abd 20:09, 6 April 2011 (UTC), originator of this resource.
  • Forum, March 2011 (Boston)
  • Advanced Course (2011, Boston)
  • Self Expression and Leadership Program (2011, Boston)
  • Assisting Program (Boston, 2011 and later)
  • Self Expression and Leadership Program Coach (2011, Boston, and October 2013-January 2014)
  • Introduction Leader Program (Boston and New York, 2012)
  • Seminars (Boston, 2011, and Meriden, Connecticut, 2012 and 2013).
  • Updated 06:18, 29 December 2014 (UTC)