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This is a seminar to look at criticism of Landmark. Landmark has been regarded as a cult by some. Some criticism of Landmark has been based on misinterpretations or misrepresentations (Such as the claim that people are not allowed to go to the bathroom, which, if it ever happened, is clearly not true about current Landmark programs. People are discouraged from leaving the sessions for any reason, because the piece missed may be crucial for them, but discouraging a thing is not prohibiting it, and there is no report of actual kidnapping, which it would be if people were held against their will.)

However, there is also criticism that is much more deeply grounded. We will look at some of this here, and consider the implications. The purpose here is educational, and it is not our task to judge fact, but to think about what is being said and learn from it.

Personal opinions, especially if grounded in experience, original research, etc., are welcome here, appropriately placed so that overall presentation is neutral.

Karin Badt[edit]

Participants here should read the entire source. Fair-use excerpts from this source may be placed on the subpage. Discuss them on the attached Talk page.

Is Landmark a cult?[edit]

Wikiquote has a page of quotations on the topic of cults, permanent link, which seem to have been selected to be almost entirely about Landmark. This content has been copied to the subpage here, to be a framework for commentary and analysis. --Abd (discusscontribs) 13:22, 31 October 2013 (UTC)

The Skeptic's Dictionary[edit]


Abd bliki on internet criticism of Landmark.

See also[edit]

Academic analysis includes some material that could be considered critical.