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Evaluating a Large Group Awareness Training[edit | edit source]

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Psychologists Jeffrey D. Fisher, Roxane Cohen Silver, Jack M. Chinsky, Barry Goff, and Yechiel Klar studied The Forum; and they published their results in the book, Evaluating a Large Group Awareness Training.[1] The research reported by the psychologists garnered the American Psychological Association's "National Psychological Consultants to Management Award", in 1989.[2]

Fisher and co-authors concluded that attending The Forum had minimal lasting effects, positive or negative, on participants' self-perception.[2] They briefly discussed potential negative and positive effects of attending The Forum.[2] The psychologists did not find any negative effects on the test subjects that participated in their study.[2] In an analysis of the possible positive outcomes, they found that subjects "became more internally oriented".[2] A significant small increase in short term perception by individuals that they maintained control over their lives was observed – this is referred to in psychology as internal locus of control.[1]

The researchers found that subjects had some minor short-term positive effects perceived from the Large Group Awareness Training, but no noticeable longer term effects, stating: "In fact, with the exception of the short-term multivariate results for Perceived Control, there was no appreciable effect on any dimension which could reflect positive change."[2] After the participants returned for the 18-month follow-up analysis, the results revealed that the small increase in perception of control by the individuals had disappeared.[1]

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