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This resource was created and is managed by a participant involved with Landmark Education, Abd, see Participants, with a possible bias. Others are welcome to edit this resource. This is a subpage of Landmark Education, which may also link to other managed or unmanaged subpages.

See the Wikipedia article on Landmark Education.

This page is intended to link to a set of resources relevant to the training provided by Landmark Education. Landmark materials are generally copyrighted and should not be reproduced here; we may, however, link to legal copies of such material as we find helpful, or we may use brief excepts from such material under fair use. This page and subpages may reflect original research and opinion from Wikiversity users and others, which should be attributed.

Background[edit | edit source]

Werner Erhard (1935-) first offered Erhard Seminars Training also known as EST, in 1971. In 1981 he started Werner Erhard and Associates which delivered the course known as "The Forum". In 1991 Werner Erhard sold the intellectual property from this company to a group of his employees, who formed the company, Landmark Education, which continued similar education, with the entry course being the "Landmark Forum". The company name was changed in 2013 to Landmark Worldwide).

See the Wikipedia article on the company for details about corporate history, and the company itself may be studied on the Company subpage.

What is Landmark Education[edit | edit source]

The Landmark Education training is, in effect, a set of program scripts, developed, maintained, updated, and delivered by intensively trained Program Leaders who "recreate" them, adding personal touches and anecdotes, and integrating participant interactions. Forum Leaders are paid staff for Landmark, and Forum leaders also deliver the Advanced Course, but many other programs, particularly the Seminar Series, the Self Expression and Leadership program, and the Introduction Leader Program, are maintained and delivered by volunteers.

The scripts generally insure that anyone taking the Forum anywhere, and thus considered a Graduate and eligible to participate in other Landmark programs, will have, as a baseline, the same set of available tools and experiences as any other graduate. However, there is no certificate issued or testing of performance at that level.

The bulk of the work done to operate the Forum and other courses is handled by volunteers, people enrolled in the Assisting Program, which is itself considered one of the trainings.

The company[edit | edit source]

This section studies the company itself and may include material critical of Landmark's history and business practices.

Large-group awareness training?[edit | edit source]

Landmark Education has been called a large-group awareness training. Landmark officially denies that. Is it an LGAT? The subpage addresses that.

Academic analysis[edit | edit source]

Landmark courses, and the preceding EST or Forum, have been analyzed by scholars, including psychologists and others. This will be studied on the subpage.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Glossary[edit | edit source]

Landmark uses common words, often with special meanings. The glossary subpage is intended to develop and explore these special meanings.

Media accounts[edit | edit source]

This subpage is for the study of media accounts of participation in the Landmark Forum.

Other accounts[edit | edit source]

This subpage is for the study of other participant reports, such as blogs.

Books[edit | edit source]

Books on Landmark or the preceding historically connected work may be listed and discussed here.

Criticism of the Landmark training[edit | edit source]

Landmark, as a continuation of Erhard Seminars Training, and the Forum, has seen similar controversy; it has been accused of being a cult, of abusing participants, and of presenting a set of bland platitudes as if they were profound teachings. Criticism of the Landmark training, as distinct from the Company, is covered in the subpage, and may be discussed or linked from there.

Essays[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

External links[edit | edit source]

  • Landmark web site
  • Landmark Forum syllabus from Landmark
  • The est Standard Training, Werner Erhard and Victor Gioscia, San Francisco, Calif., from Biosciences Communication 3:104-122, 1977. The paper on links to a pdf on the Internet Archive. This is a description of the est training, as it was in the 1970s. The training evolved into today's Landmark Forum, which is, however, also quite different in many ways. The Forum is now about 39 hours over three days (Friday through Sunday), plus a "completion session" on Tuesday night, about three hours.

Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

Many of the terms here are or may be copyrighted or trademarked by Landmark Education. It is impractical to obtain permission for every edit to these resources, so any usage here of trademarked terms is under a claim of fair use, for public review. Specifically, the following terms are known to be under trademark claim by Landmark: Landmark Forum, Already Always Listening, Vicious Circle, Racket. It is not the intention of the authors of this resource to substitute for Landmark training, and original material here has not been approved by Landmark Education. Authors of these resources are solely responsible for the content they have contributed.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Participants in developing this resource are requested to list themselves on this subpage, and to indicate, if they choose, if they are w:Landmark Forum graduates, or are otherwise specially qualified to comment on Landmark.